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All the notices were in PDF Format. You must install Acrobat Reader to view the notices

​Notice No.
​Title​Issue Date
​Cancellation Date
​38/2015Dredging work correction to Notice To Mariners No: 37/2015(T)​13th June
​16th June
​37/2015Dredging work​9th June
​16th June
​36/2015Rig move​10th June
​18th June
​35/2015Ground investigation​6th June
​12th Jan 2017
​34/2015Magnetic survey​6th June
​1st Aug
​33/2015Temporary holding area for the dredging vessel​28th May
​1st Oct
​32/2015Embankment construction​28th May
​1st Oct
​31/2015Reclaimation, Dredging, Embankment construction and foundation treatment works​28th May
​1st Oct
​30/2015Notice on live firing exercise corrective to Notice To Mariners no: 28/2015 (T)​26th May​28th May
​29/2015Notice on the safety of navigation for unlit lights B20A and B20B @ Pulau Muara Besar​21st Maytbc​
​28/2015​ Live firing exercise​19th May28th May​
​27/2015CPDP-49 to CPWJ-40​28th May29th May​
​26/2015Rig Move
​18th May​15th June​
​25/2015Seismic Survey18th May​​20th July
​24/2015Bathymetric Survey8th May​​1st November
​23/2015Water Quality Sampling​6th May
​16th May
​22/2015Notice on live firing exercise4th May​​27th June
​21/2015Drilling at Existing Platform​25th April
13th May​
​20/2015Geotechnical Survey​25th April
​13th May
​19/2015Maintenance Dredging Work Infront of Lot 1 Industrial Site Serasa, Muara​20th April​01st June
​18/2015The use of Muara water area for a Self-Esteem Challenge Program Outward Bound Brunei Darussalam (OBBD)​16th April3rd May​
​17/2015Construction of Cofferdam for Mol Beach Pull Activity​4th April16th September​
​16/2015Demolition of B 10B rear leading light Muara channel​21st March​31st March
​15/2015Bathymetric Survey and Underwater Inspection​16th March01st April​
​14/2015 Cancel Notice to Mariners No: 08/2015 (T) "Safety Of Navigation (Selangkir SKWJ -01)​16th March
​13/2015Seismic Survey​09th March
​01st June
​12/2015Floating Trash Tracking Project​05th March
​08th March
​11/2015 Notice on the Jetski racing tournament at serasa beach water area2nd March​16th March ​
Pre Lay Survey
​26th February​3rd April
09/2015Embankment Construction10th February​16th June ​
​08/2015Safety of Navigation (Selangkir SKWJ-01)​10th February
​07/2015​Dredging and construction works using trailer hopper suction dredger (THSD) vessel named Hangjun 19 at "Area Q3" of Western Channel and Harbour Basin site 
​10th February​1st June
​06/2015 Notice on the closure of Brunei River​10th February​02nd March
​05/2015 Live firing exercise correction to notice to mariners No: 09/2015(T)​07th February​01st April
​04/2015Unloading pipes and spares​​5th February​3th February
​02/2015Reclaimation, Dredging, Embankment construction and foundation treatment works​31st Dec 2014​01st Jun 2015
​01/2015​Rig move
​31st Dec 2014
​18th Jan 2015