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All the notices were in PDF Format. You must install Acrobat Reader to view the notices

​Notice No.
​Title​Issue Date
​Cancellation Date
​68/2016Extensive Sungai Brunei Water Quality Survey
​31st December
​1st September 2017
​67/20161Malaysia Population Cable System Submarine Cable Installation
​14th December
​27th January 2017
​66/2016SKD Pelaut Rig Move
​13th December
​27th December
​65/2016Notice on the Boat Racing Tournament
8th December​​19th December
​64/2016Maharaja Lela Jamalulalam 3 Platform (MLJ3)
12th December​
63/2016​Lumut Light House operational
​24th November
​62/2016Rig move 
​24th October 
​3rd November
​61/2016Sediment Flux Survey
12th October ​​1st May 2017
​60/2016Rig Move
12th October​​22nd October 
​59/2016Extensive Major Construction for Temburong Bridge
10th October​​1st January 2019
​58/2016Dredging Works (Extended)
​8th October
​26th December 
​57/2016Piling Installation Work At Pulau Muara Besar
​22nd September
1st November 2017​
​56/2016​Sampingan Program
​22nd August​29th August
​55/2016​Asean community based tourism program  (click here to see the map location)16th August​​20th August
​54/2016​Lifting heavy load operation at Sungai Kebun bridge (click here to see the image)​16th August
​21st August
​53/2016​Notice on the closure of Brunei River in conjunction with Regatta 2016​13th August
​22nd August
52/2016​Existence of Metal Structures at Ujong Sapoh Water (click here to see the location & map of Ujong Sapoh)​11th August 2016​
51/2016​Cancellation of NTM 49/2016(T)​11th August 2016​
50/2016​Extraction of sea sand (click here to see the location)​9th August 2016​7th January 2017​
49/2016​Notice on the closure of Brunei River in conjunction with Regatta 20163rd August 2016​15th August 2016​
48/2016​Notice on Live Firing Exercise​20th July 2016​1st Oct 2016​
47/2016​Outward Bound Brunei Darussalam Coach Training Program4th July 2016​25th July 2016​
46/2016​Extinguished Lumut Light House​​27th June 2016
45/2016​Multi-beam survey (Map of KB ChannelSTL KBSTL Muara)​​22nd June 2016​3rd July 2016
44/2016​Labuan-Brunei Submarine cable installation and hydrographic survey works​22nd June 2016​26th August 2016​
43/2016Visual Hydrography Survey (Click here to see the map)18th June 2016​14th August 2016​
42/2016​​Soil Investigation11th June 2016​​22nd July 2016
41/2016​​Rig Move​9th June 2016​15th June 2016
40/2016​​National Traditional Boat Race 2016 (click here to see the map)​16th May 2016​23rd May 2016
​39/2016Rig Move​11th May 2016​14th May 2016
​38/2016Dredging Works (click here to see the Site Signage Plan)​11th May 2016​9th July 2016
37/2016Safety of Navigation: Temporary Marine Buoy​9th May 2016​31st December 2016
36/2016Cancellation of Notice to Mariners​9th May 2016
​35/2016Safety of Navigation​ (click here to see the location)4th May 2016
12th May 2016
​34/2016Installation of Temporary Buoy28th April 2016​​31st December 2016
​33/2016Cancellation of Notice to Mariners28th April 2016
5th May 2016​
​32/2016Bathymetric Survey19th April 2016​1st August 2016
​31/2016Cabaran Jati Diri Program12th April 2016
​25th April 2016
​30/2016Dredging Works6th April 2016
​7th April 2016
​29/2016Hydrographic Survey5th April 2016
7th October 2016
​28/2016Trestle Bridge Clearance Gap (click here to see Map Project Layout Reduced)2nd April 2016
9th April 2016
​27/2016Hikmat Bersatu V/2016 Exercise2nd April​ 2016
8th April 2016
​26/2016Rig Move16th March 2016​28th March 2016​
​25/2016Hydrography Survey16th March 2016
1st July 2016
​24/2016Hydrographic Survey10th March 2016
​12th March 2016
​23/2016Singlebeam Survey​10th March​ 2016
​13th March 2016
​22/2016Water Quality And Sediment Sampling7th March 2016
2nd September 2016​
​21/2016Magnetometer Survey3rd March 2016
​11th April 2016
​20/2016Hydrographic Survey24th February 2016
19th July 2016
​19/2016Notice On Live Firing Exercise At Sea9th February 2016​26th February 2016
​18/2016Changsi 4 Vessel Standby At Its Holding Area4th February 2016​11th May 2016​
​17/2016Water Quality Surveys30th January 2016
1st February 2017
​16/2016Navigational Aid B 38A Kampung Setia Beacon Reported Missing23rd January 2016
31st December 2016​
​15/2016Navigational Aid B 8 Muara Harbour Turning  Point Reported Missing23rd January 2016
31st December 2016
​14/2016Notice on delivering and transferring of construction material from Serasa to project temporary working platforms at Muara Port water corrective to Notice To Mariners No: 12/2016(T) (click here to see PLatform Location)23rd January 2016
5th February 2018
​13/2016​Notice On List Of Notice To Mariners Still In Force Corrective To Notice To Mariners No: 05/2016(T)21th January 2016
28th January 2016
​12/2016​Delivering And Transferring Of Construction Material From Serasa To Project Temporary Working Platform At Muara Port Water  (click here to see Platform Location)19th January 2016
5th February 2016​
​11/2016​Existing Platform16th January 2016
6th February 2016​
​10/2016​Notice To live Firing Exercise16th January 2016​1st April 2016​
​09/2016​Notice On Live Firing Exercise12th January 2016
29th January 2016
​08/2016​Hydrographic Survey11th January 2016
17th March 2016​
​07/2016​Hydrographic Survey9th January 2016
1st February 2016
​06/2016​Cancel Notice To Mariners NO:83/2015 (T)​​7th January 2016
​9th January 2016
​05/2016​List Of Notice To Mariners Still In Force​​5th January 2016
​1st January 2017
​04/2016​Building Of A New Permanent Structure Which Is A 'Bund Installation' At Pulau Pepatan Island
​4th January 2016
​1st January 2019
​03/2016​​Dredging Works
​4th January 2016
​1st January 2019
​​02/2016Piling Works​​4th January 2016
1st January 2019​
​​01/2016​Shifting Dredging Vessel, Installtion of Floating Pipelines and Dredging Works
​4th January 2016
​31st May 2016