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​Notice No.
​Title​Issue Date
​Cancellation Date
​75/2018Tali Field Debris Survey31st December​​16th January 2019
​74/2018Unloading Of Cargo Works26th December​​1st January 2019
​73/2018Towing Works For ‘Sejahtera’ Boat [Muara To Sinarubai]18th December​​28th December
​72/2018Floating Debris Boom Installation Works At The Berakas River Site Under The Bridge Nearby The Ministry Of Development​14th December
​1st June 2019
​71/2018Survey Pipeline Inspection12th December​​1st January 2019
​70/2018Kayak Star 4 Sea Outward Bound Singapore Program7th December​​15th December
​69/2018Cargo Unloading
​26th November
​6th December
​68/2018Coral Study​22nd November
​9th December
​67/2018Safety Of Navigation: Prohibition Of Any Fishing Activity At Kuala Belait Channel20th November​​n/a
​66/2018Sapura Pelaut Rig Move16th November​​4th December
​65/2018Seismic Study Geronggong-Jagus East Fields (Extended)​16th November
​1st December
​64/2018Powerdriven Fast Boat Race​15th November
​19th November
​63/2018Unloading Of Cargo Works​15th November
​26th November
​62/2018Hydrography & Magnetometer Survey At Lumut Waters9th November​​22nd November
​61/2018Cargo Unloading
​30th October
​7th November
​60/2018Outward Bound Brunei Darussalam (OBBD) Sea Kayak Expedition Program26th October​​1st November
​59/2018Unloading Of Cargo Works17th October​​25th October
​58/2018Pre-Survey, Post-Survey, Interim Survey And Trench Profile Maintanence
10th October​​16 February 2019
​57/2018Fish Cages Transferring Works
​5th October
​8th October
​56/2018Seismic Study Geronggong-Jagus East Fields​21st September
​21st October
​55/2018Sapura Pelaut Rig Move​13th September
​24th September
​54/2018Navigational Aid X1 Pulau Muara Besar Damaged12th September​​n/a
​53/2018Maersk Convincer Rig Move​5th September
​10th September
​52/2018Unloading Of Cargo Works​4th September
​10th September
​51/2018Muara Water Survey3rd September​​1st July 2019
​50/2018Safety Of Navigation: Installation Of River Curtain31st August​2nd September​
​49/2018Dredging Works At Eastern Channel Of Pulau Muara Besar (Extended)28th August​​1st July 2019
​48/2018Boat & Kayak Race28th August​3rd September​
​47/2018Bridge Deck Segment And Cable Stay Installation Works (Temburong Bridge)27th August​​1st May 2019
​46/2018Notice on the Closure of the Belait River
​23rd August
27th August​
​45/2018Deepwater Nautilus Oil Exploration​14th August 2018
26th November 2018
44/2018​Concrete Pouring Works For Temburong Bridge​14th August 2018
​29th August 2018
​43/2018Notice On The Closure Of Temburong River In Conjunction With River Carnival​3rd August
​6th August 2018
​42/2018Crane Gantry Relocation Works​2nd August
​18th August 2018
41/2018​Notice On The Closure Of Brunei River In Conjunction With Regatta 2018​31st July
​13th August 2018
​40/2018Unloading Of Cargo Works30th July​​3rd August
​39/2018Concrete Pouring Works For Temburong Bridge​23rd July
​6th August
​16th July 2018
​37/2018Cargo Unloading Works For Pulau Muara Besar11th July​​1st January 2020
​36/2018Sail Brunei 2018 Edition​6th July
​17th July
​35/2018Unloading Of Cargo Works​29th June
​3rd July
​34/2018Tutong River Hydrography Survey26th June​​21st July
​33/2018Seawater Intake Pipeline Installation26th June​​21st September
​32/2018SPM Installation And Laying Of A New 44 Inches Pipeline Works28th May
1st September​
​31/ 2018
Unloading Of Cargo Works​24th May
​29th May
​29/2018Underwater Obstruction Beneath The Edinburgh Bridge​24th May
​28/2018Dredging Works At Eastern Channel of Pulau Muara Besar (Updated)
15th May​​28th August
​27/2018​Danau Beach Sand Survey​16th May​1st June
​26/2018​Unloading of Cargo Works14th May​​16th May
​25/2018​Bathymetry Survey Near Pulau Muara Besar Bridge​14th May​1st June
​24/2018Pre-Survey, Interim Survey, Post Survey And Trenching For Pipeline Installation Works (Corrected)
​3rd May
​16th August
​23/2018Temporary ADCP1 Survey Buoy
​5th May
11th June​
​22/2018Pontoon Construction Work At Kiulap Jetty, Kiulap Commercial Center
​27th April
​1st May 2019
​21/2018Installation Of Anchor Piles
​20th April
​1st June
​20/2018Reclamation Works At Pulau Papatan & Pulau Baru-Baru
​12th April
​1st September
19/2018​Seria Crude Oil Terminal SPM Replacement
​10th April
​21st May
​18/2018Traditional Boat Race Competition For The 24-2018​6th April​9th April
​17/2018Pre-survey, Interim Survey, Post Survey And Trenching For Pipeline Installation Works Corrective To Notice To Mariners No: 15/2018 (T)
6th April​​16th August
​16/2018​Safety of Navigation : Missing Temporary PMB Bridge Buoys​5th April27th April​
​15/2018Pre-Survey, Interim Survey, Post Survey And Trenching For Pipeline Installation Works​2nd April​16th August
​14/2018Cancel Notice To Mariners No: 11/2018(T) "Pre-Survey, Interim Survey And Trenching For Pipeline Installation Works"2nd April​4th April​
​13/2018Shipping Lane For Tower 1 And Structure A1 (Temburong Bridge)
​2nd April
​16th January 2019
​12/2018​Cross-Border Kayak Expedition Malaysia-Brunei Darussalam​29th March27th April​
​11/2018Pre-survey, Interim Survey, Post Survey And Trenching For Pipeline Installation Works​27th March​16th August
​10/2018Temporary ADCP1 Survey Buoy
​23rd March
​1st April
​09/2018Correction For Notice "Shipping Lane For Tower 2 And Tower 3 (Temburong Bridge)"
​22nd March
​08/2018Safety Of Navigation: Search And Rescue Operations
​21st March
​07/2018Danau Beach Survey
​16th March
​1st April
​06/2018Safety Of Navigation: List Of Aids To Navigation Not Lit
​9th April
​31st December
​05/2018Shipping Lane For Tower 2 And Tower 3 (Temburong Bridge)
​16th March
​04/2018Pedestrian Bridge Constructions Works At Sungai Kianggeh
​28th February
5th February​
​03/2018Enduro Jet Ski Race-Final Round
​25th January
​5th February 
​02/2018Muara Water Survey (Correction)
​25th January
​1st January 2019
​01/2018Dredging Works At Eastern Channel Of Pulau Muara Besar
​12th January
​28th August